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    Rules and Safety Procedures

    1. Play at your own risk
    2. Children must be supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older, parent, or legal guardian while playing in the rental area at ALL times.
    3. No shoes, sneakers, flip flops or sandals.
    4. Socks are required to be worn at all times.
    5. No diving or throwing balls in or out of the ball pit.
    6. No food, candy, gum, or beverages in the soft play area.
    7. No pushing, shoving, wrestling, horseplay, or piling.
    8. No uneven size difference of players.
    9. No equipment should be picked up, thrown, moved or removed from within the play area.
    10. No children over the age of 5 years allowed in the play area or on the equipment.
    11. No facepaint/mess-prone (i.e., glitter, slime, messy art, temporary tattoos, face paint etc.) are not allowable in soft play area.
    12. No more than the recommended amount of players on unit at any one time.
    13. All sharp objects must be removed before play (including pens, pencils, jewelry, knives, eyeglasses, bling on pockets, etc.).
    14. Do not enter if you are pregnant or have physical or health conditions that prevent you from exerting yourself.
    15. No equipment should be picked up, thrown, moved or removed from where it is placed or placed in ball pit.
    16. No adults allowed on or in the soft play equipment and/or ball pit.

All rentals are up to 4 hours from the time you they are setup or until 6 pm, whichever comes first unless other accommodations are made in advance. We would need 1 hour to set-up and collect our equipment but that doesn’t include your booked package time!   Additional time is available at an additional cost based on the package.

We suggest you book in advance to make sure that your date is available as dates fill-up quickly especially on weekends.

Yes. You will need to contact the park in advance to determine the requirements needed to set up.

  • We do not set-up on dirt or gravel
  • A shaded area or a suitable cover in the form of a party tent is required and highly recommend, as the equipment will get hot in direct sunlight. A tarp will be be provided but please make sure the ground is flat,

We need set at least one hour before and after to set-up and pick up equipment.

A $50 to $100 cleaning fee will apply if equipment is extremely dirty. Equipment must be cleared at time of pickup. We can set up on grass, concrete, or indoors. No dirt or gravel.

Special instructions and other restrictions (stairs, elevators, limited parking) must be disclosed in advance before your party date to avoid any problems that could arise (including parks, large estates, or any location that presents delivery complications).

Price includes delivery, set-up, and pick up. Free delivery within a 12-mile radius from Downtown Paso Robles, otherwise a delivery fee will be charged outside this criteria.

Please contact us for delivery fee quote.

Santa Maria starting at $200 delivery fee.
South SLO County starting at $150 delivery fee.

For more delivery quotes please contact us.

No problem!  We will try to accommodate you to our very best so we can still provide soft play party fun for your little ones. We can make special arrangements for you.  Let us talk and discuss possible options.

Always ensure that the Soft Play equipment is not overcrowded, and limit numbers according to the age and size of children using it.

We will not set-up the soft play equipment if it’s forecast to rain or have strong winds on the day of your event for safety purposes as it can become very slippery when wet. We will contact you ahead of time to discuss other possible options or accommodate you on a later date.

As a parent we have a strict cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting routine between rentals. This prevents the spread of virus, germs and bacteria between kids even before COVID-19.

Every piece of the Soft Play Equipment is cleaned thoroughly before your little one’s party. We also do one last wipe down at the beginning of each party. We clean and sanitize the equipment with a special soft play disinfectant/antibacterial product and have several sets of the balls so we are never using the same balls back to back.

We allow you to change a reservation up to 2 week prior to the event and receive a full credit, applicable to a future booking within one year of the original event date. For cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event, the funds will be forfeited without credit to a future event.

All deposits are non-refundable no exceptions.

Yes. However, we do point out that it is the renter/client responsibility to ensure that there is a responsible and suitable adult supervision of the equipment and those using it, at all times. Please always consider the appropriate ratio of children on the equipment to the number of adult supervisors assisting them. A liability waiver form will need to be signed on the day of the event before set-up has been completed.